nicole antrobus - wildlife artist


Nicole Antrobus - Wildlife Artist

It was during my three-year degree at City and Guilds Art School that I began my interest in drawing Wildlife, specifically African Wildlife. It was here that I developed my skills in etching and wood engraving, the latter being a medium that I often use to illustrate my work.
During my time at the Royal College of Art, where I studied Natural History Illustration, I was lucky enough to spend time in Africa on two separate trips, the first to Botswana and the second to Kenya and Uganda. It was here that I got the opportunity to visit a Black Rhino and Chimpanzee Conservation Park and trek Mountain Gorillas in Uganda. Whilst on these trips, I was able to draw these species in the wild and develop my confidence to draw animals in motion.

The rest of my time at the Royal College of Art was spent in the Natural History Museum and London Zoo where I developed and practised my skills drawing from life and on location.
I have also studied horses having been a keen horse rider and insects that I have produced as watercolour studies.


Permanent Exhibition at Bristol Zoo